Hola! I'm Keith Frankel. This is my project and story.

About the project.

Adventures in Honesty follows my personal experience of attempting to live all facets of my life without lying. To anyone. About anything. That’s right: Not at work. Not at home. Not even little white lies, such as false encouragement of a friend or family member. You can read more about why I started this project in my first post. While I don’t expect to convince others to follow my footsteps, I do hope that by sharing my own experiences as a reformed-liar attempting to lead an uncompromisingly honest life, I can motivate others to join in more open and honest dialogue with one another.

A bit about me.

KfrankelIn the mid-2000s, I was pursuing a career in academic philosophy and, for the first in my life, experiencing how intoxicating the pursuit of knowledge can be. Like so many others who pursue philosophy, though, I eventually became disillusioned. Soon after, I decided to leave academia to produce reality TV shows at MTV (a long story, but yes I was a terrible person). It was at this point that my original thirst for ideas began to fade, and unfortunately, it would remain dim for another four years.

After spending a few years feeling totally morally bankrupt, and with very little to show for it, I decided to leave entertainment for the tech world (funny, especially given that – although not equally reprehensible as a whole – it is certainly home to many folks who are). I was eventually hired to be the Creative Director at HubSpot, a well known Boston-based startup, up until its IPO.

During my time at HubSpot, I became suddenly and alarmingly ill. Despite the best efforts of many competent and caring specialists at Tufts Medical Center, they were unable to successfully diagnose the root cause of my illness, and it began to seem inevitable that I would face a future in which my physical self would always be compromised. Rather than dwell on all of the parts of me that no longer worked, though, I decided to focus solely on improving the one that did: my mind. It was over the next few months – during which I spent countless hours spent lying on the couch, doing nothing but reading (and listening to Blackstreet radio on Pandora) – that my obsession with pursuing knowledge was reignited.

Although I’ve since recovered from whatever mysterious illness I contracted in 2014, the impact of that time has stayed with me. I now tend to be in a perpetual (yet welcome) state of  urgency and discontent, which – when combined with my academic background and life experiences – instantiate themselves in the form of an overwhelming need to understand and contribute intellectually to those around me. I now commit as much time as possible (often to the chagrin of my friends, girlfriend, and family) to improving my mind by learning, and then spreading what I’ve learned to others by creating projects that I feel espouse those related ideas.

Adventures in Honesty is one such project, having been inspired, first, by the Austrian philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein, and then more intensely and directly by the neuroscientist, Sam Harris, whose essays ‘Lying’ and ‘Free Will’ will forever have a place on my bookshelf.